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    Camera Raw 7.0

    Jdub55 Level 1

      Why is it when I move to CS5 from LR4, I'm told that in need 7.0 in order to process my data properly. Plus I can't find it any where, what's the real deal?

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          ACR 7 will ship with Photoshop CS6 (the public beta is available at labs.adobe.com) You can also download a beta of ACR 6.7 that will be able to process from LR4. If you don't do one of these things, then when you go to edit in Photoshop, you'll need to choose the option to Render Using Lightroom.

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            Jdub55 Level 1

            So what happens if I chose to render with LR?


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              Jdub55 Level 1

              Will they 6.7 raw embed in LR4, I currently have 4.6 or 5. something.


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                Jeff Schewe Level 5

                Jdub55 wrote:


                So what happens if I chose to render with LR?


                LR4 will render the image and open it into Photoshop with all LR4 adjustments correcty applied.

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                  b2martin_a Level 2

                  You mention CS5 in your first post.  CS5 uses ACR 6.x for rendering RAW files.  ACR 6.6 is the current released version of Camera RAW (ACR), but you can download ACR 6.7 RC from Adobe Labs for CS5.  ACR 6.7RC will render a RAW file that was adjusted in Lightroom 4 using PV2012 process just like Lightroom 4, but you can't adjust the RAW file using PV2012 in ACR 6.7RC - you can just render it for use in Photoshop CS5.  This makes Lightroom 4 and CS5 compatible.  I understand Adobe will release ACR 6.7 as a production release in the future. 


                  CS6 will have ACR 7.x, which has the same processing cabilities as Lightroom 4.  ACR 7.x is not compatible with CS5. 

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                    Vit Novak Level 3

                    Actually there was a 'compatible' version, just not available to public