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    Blazeds and Flex Mobile

    l33tian Level 1

      Hey guy! I need help on a project i'm working on. I just got into Blazeds Remoting for a Flex application because i wanted to use the publish/subscribe model. Coming from a java background this is no problem for me. I've got a Producer component which happens to be in a mobile application and a consumer component which resides on the webser. The Mobile app is meant to publish a mobile phone's GPS details as an object to a server using blazeds messaging capabilities in which a consumer application reads this data and uses it to display the device's location on google maps. The Consumer side seems to be working fine but anytime the producer sends a message i get fault error like so:



      Channel.Connect.Failed error Net Connection.Failed :HTTP Status 503:URL: http://cmeunit.swf.<webappname>/messagebroker/amfpolling

      Notice the incomplete hostname which is supposed to be acmeunit.swf. I dont know what i'm doing wrong, is there anyway around this.


      Any form of help will be appreciated! thanks!