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    Viewing over printing Issue

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      I am having a problem that my customer wants resolved and am unsure what to do. They are viewing a pdf and see the L's and I's looking odd but yet it prints fine. The fonts are embedded subsets and when you zoom up on the area it is fine. The PDF also prints fine. My hands are tied when it comes to the fonts because I am not allowed to change them.

      I can ask them to change their viewing preference but not sure this will solve the problem because they have many people who view them.


      Any help would be appreciated

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          This is likely a font-specific or a viewer-specific problem. What font is this occurring with or with all fonts? Could be an issue with the hinting in the font (as supplied by the font foundry). What is being used to view the PDF file? Adobe Reader or Acrobat? MacOS preview?


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            operator 3 Level 1

            The font is Helvetica LT Std (Condensed, condensed Bold). Most will be viewing thru Reader on laptops. The original solution was to convert the font to outline and create a high res image of the page, Now they want to be able to view and search the PDF File. Please understand that the amount of information coming to me is limited from the customer. I have worked with PDF Files for sometime and understand or make the assumption it is what prints that pays the bills, The viewing source that many people have can vary in ways that can create the problems. (poor monitors set at low dpi or viewing in Reader or Acrobat low res).


            I know that what I am asking is a one size fits all solution but more or less that is what I am asking.

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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              If in fact what you are saying is that you have converted the text to outlines, that would explain what you are seeing. Outlined text loses all the hinting of text realized with hinted fonts. Except when you need very specific artistic effects, at Adobe we strongly discourage the practice of outlining text. You end up with text problems in term of viewing as well as the lack of searchability! And certainly you lose accessibility (for those using screen readers) and the ability to use Acrobat's text touch-up tools.


              Why were you outlining in the first place?


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                operator 3 Level 1

                That solution was prior to my starting with the output company. They were doing this as a way to have the pdf to be viewable and were saving it at 1200 dpi. (Increasing the file size by over 1000%).  My main concern was that why would you take a vector and text based file and turn it into an image it didn't make sense but it was a solution that worked for them at that point.


                The problem was that when the customer viewed the text and vector art file it looked odd, so my company came up with that solution.


                Believe me I am not a fan of outlining fonts unless i really have to( makes it hard to make corrections trying to remember the font that was used)


                I did have a conversation with the customer and asked them to supply a pdf file that they said was viewable ans searchable from an old supplier. I checked the properties and saw that it was created in illustrator and was distilled with an older version of  acrobat that created the identity H font version of helvetica LT Std. I did view it on my computer and saw odd looking L's and I's and I had the person next to me view it on there computer and it viewed fine. My monitor is an older square dell monitor while the other person's is a newer dell wide screen monitor which the file looked good on.(Please note our end customer is viewing on a laptop)

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                  I'm sorry what I am saying is that when we supply them a file that is font and vector art based they have the viewing issue

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                    Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                    Do you have any flattened transparency in the region where you get these anomalies in character display? That would cause live text to be converted to either vector or raster causing a similar effect. A sample file would help.


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                      operator 3 Level 1

                      Sorry for delay to your response I am trying to gain more information from my customer to make sure I give the correct information. Will try to find out and see what file I can try to post as well.


                      I believe on most of the files there is no transparencies in these areas at all, but I will double check this info and get back to you.