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    Magic Wand/QuickSelection


      When I have a backgound selected with the Magic Wand Tool or the Quick Selection Tool and I try to delete it, instead of getting the white and gray checkered background, it brings up a "Fill" splash screen, why? I'm just trying to make an image transparent so it can be moved from one image to another.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          What version of photoshop and os?


          On windows cs5 if your image is not flattened the delete key should clear (cut) the pixels.

          If the image is flattened then shift+delete fills the selection with background color.


          What keyboard shortcut are you using?


          If you just have a flattened background layer then it needs to be a regular layer before you can delete the pixels to transparency.

          Double click on the background layer in the layers panel to convert to a regular layer.