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    Issue in Chrome and Safari


      I have a PDF that submits data using Javascript to a servlet over HTTPS.  Works fine on IE and Mozilla - not on Chrome or Safari.  The Javascript does validation first, then should submit or throw an error. The error is generated, but the submission fails. In a normal process, after the submission is successful it should clear the form and reset one item to the proper default value.


      The ONLY THING NOT WORKING, is the "this.submitForm({cURL: "https://my.domain.com/servlet/process?parameters", bEmpty:true, cSubmitAs:"XFDF"});" of the Javascript code. Again, only fails in Chrome and Safari.


      Any ideas?  I cannot find a reason for the issue at all.



      Mike Kinder

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          Chrome was using its native PDF reader, and thus causing an issue. I have installed the Chrome Plug-in for Adobe and restarted and this seems to have rectified the issue - at least in a Chrome Browser.


          It seems as though Safari is using a proper extension/plug-in, but the one line of Javascript still does not run, the form is not submitted.  I have added some "alerts" around the line that is suppose to post the data, and they occur, but the post of data does not.  I am using "this.submitForm" to peform the operation, and as I said, this works everywhere but Safari (and also Chrome's native PDF viewer).


          Please help.