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    Playback error

    PMurphyorg Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm having this problem where I render out a movie and it plays fine on my computer (I've played it in Quicktime and VLC). But when I send the movie to the client, they play it back and get this strange pixelation on the movie. They've tried two different machines for playback.


      The output settings from AE are:

      1920x1080 resized to 1280x720

      H.264 codec (mp4 movie)


      I've had success where I've had to import the movie just rendered back into AE and rendered out again (using the same output settings). Then I take that movie and use Handbrake. That seemed to work.


      Sidenote: I've had another project to render out and the client had no problems.


      - Do you think the project is corrupted somewhere?

      - It's a large project, about 2hrs to render, could there be an error there (even tho AE doesn't report any)?

      - Something funky happening when sending it over the web...through email or large file sender?


      I've attached a screenshot of the pixelation that happens on the client end. Looks like this...


      Should look like this...



      Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          A long project, huh?  Did you use Open GL to speed up rendering?  Don't.  Doing so is the prime suspect in rendering weirdness like that.  Sorry it's such a long render, but NOBODY uses Open GL to speed up the process, for reasons that may be painfully apparent to you.

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            PMurphyorg Level 1

            Thanks for the reply but I don't use Open GL when rendering...only when working in a comp for previews. 


            One suggestion I received on CreativeCow not to use the H.264 in AE...


            It's just strange that I used the same file the client was having problems with, compressed it again with Handbrake, and then it was fine.  So maybe I'll just render a lossless .mov out of AE and have to use Handbrake to make the mp4.  It's a pain but at least it worked in the end.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Yeah, that's weird, all right.  AE's not the best thing in the world to use when rendering to H.264.


              In addition to Handbrake, Adobe Media Encoder will also make H.264's from lossless files.  As will QT Pro, and many other applications.