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    Papervision help!!!!


      Hi there,

      I am a newbie at AS3 and Papervision 3d and am trying to install it and use it with Flash CS5. I have read through numerous strings and forums and am still having issues installing it....I have a Papevision template that is not allowing me to change or edit outbound links or add any hyperlinks.....its such a small change, but cant figure out how to do so.....PLEASE HELP.....

      thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!

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          Donny1985 Level 1

          Hmm, considering you're just starting out with 3D it might be best to jump onto another framework.

          As far as I know Papervision is no longer in development and no longer maintained.

          Have a look into something like Away3D.

          As well as more up to date, you'll find more people to help with any problems you encounter.

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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            The easier of the frameworks (I've found) to get up and running, especially if you have 3d software, is http://www.flare3d.com. I find you may see a couple Stage3D oriented articles (Adobe typically) and tutorials about the frameworks but not much, because it's so new. What I found most helpful was Flare3Ds 3dsmax plugin/exporter as well as the Wiki which gave dozens of very useful full code examples of how to do various things which tied together can basically create what you want. I hate being told to just go read an API and try to figure things out myself. 


            Keep in mind, all of these platforms are undergoing vast shifts under the hood to start utilizing Stage3D and gracefully (invisibly) downgrade to alternative 3d methods when Stage3D is not available.


            Papervision was fun but as mentioned, you really should ditch it.