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    Orange Question Mark - FB 4.6 Can't see mx:ComboBox that is defined in XML

    Hawkcode Level 1



      I am pulling my hair out.


      I have FB 4.6 and am doing a mobile project. Only using FB not using anything else.




      I have Several Comboboxes Defined in XML and am accessing 2 differant ones here:


              private function test():void







      Next to the ddlUnits is an Orange Circle with Question Mark. (Access to undefined property ddlUnits)


      Yet as you see below it is defined in the xml:



          <mx:ComboBox id="dgType" x="12" y="203" width="255" height="41" change="//mpitchspec()"

                       click="dgResults.dataProvider = null" selectedIndex="0"

                       x.landscapePhone="530" y.landscapePhone="10" width.landscapePhone="153"


                       x.portraitPhone="260" y.portraitPhone="92" width.portraitPhone="210"



              <fx:Object label="Type" data="1"/>

              <fx:Object label="" data="2"/>







          <mx:ComboBox id="ddlUnits" x="10" y="32" width="255" height="54" change="//changepitch()"

                       fontFamily="Georgia" fontSize="30" selectedIndex="1"

                       x.landscapePhone="204" y.landscapePhone="10" width.landscapePhone="153"


                       x.portraitPhone="10" y.portraitPhone="92" width.portraitPhone="210"



              <fx:Object label="SI/Metric" data="1"/>

              <fx:Object label="Imperial" data="2"/>







      I have read every post i could find on this and nothing seems to apply. I can see  all the componants in design view just fine.


      These kind of things shake my confidence in Adobe.


      Anybidy have a clue?





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          Sreenivas R Adobe Employee

          Hi Rich,


          the Orange Circle with Question Mark is indicative of the fact that code model inside FB is unable to recognize or locate the definition for the identifier used.


          Sometimes the code model can get out of sync with the code and start indicating this incorrectly. Though many workflows leading to this condition have been fixed there are still chances of this happening.

          Normally when this happens other features like code hinting, ide productivity features like quick assist also stop working for that particular identifier.


          Though not ideal, you can try closing and reopening the file/project and see if this goes away. If the problem is very persistent please log a bug with a sample project so that we can fix this.


          You can turn off this feature (without any side effects) by going to "Preferences->FlashBuilder->General->Report problems as you type".




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