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    Adobe Digital Editions no longer opening any of my books-IO Error message


      Hi Folks,


      If anyone could advise me out of this mess, I'd appreciate it. I've had adobe digital editons for almost 2 years on my computer and I have books I've bought in the library. When I go to open one now, I get the following error:


      IO Error on local file open




      C:\Users\laurie\Desktop\My Digital Editions\Heroes_at_Risk.pdf



      Event Detail:

      Error #2038

      --- end ---


      This is on all my books.



      At one point 3 months ago I did a 90 day trial of adobe pro which has expired. I'm wondering if that has somehow shut off all adobe products i have running on my laptop?


      If I delete digital editions and then re add it, what happens to my books? will they still be there, like Kindle does? Or would I need to write a list of all the books and where i got them and then try to re=download them into the new Digital Editions reader.


      any advice mucho appreciated.