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    Copying a Director Movie

      Hey. I've been having a problem with my movie growing excessively large when I save it, even if the changes were only minor. It's not a small movie, but even so it shouldnt be more than 150 MB, but it is. So rather than find a way to fix that I've tried taking everything from that movie and putting them in a brand new one. So far I've remade all the casts and copied in all the cast members (and the new movie is back down to 33 MB), but when i try to paste in the score, it renames the scripts used in the score. Now I'm wondering:
      - if there may be some way of reducing the file size of the original movie,
      - if there's some way to bring the score over into the movie intact,
      - or if there's some technique or program I can use to take all the contents of the old movie (the casts, cast members, and the score) and dump them into a new one.

      Any help on this would be appreciated.