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    Need help with image

    Nevervana Level 1

      I sure could use a buddy who has Skype or something who I can shoot questions like this to.  My designer wants a retainer of $3,000 but I can do most of my own stuff in Photoshop.  Sometimes I get stumped though, and just need a 30 second tutorial. So I am coming here. 


      I basically need to figure out how to change this image:



      But along with that comes figuring out how to change it from a square image to one with a rounded top and bottom-right corner.   Also a 2 pixel shadow going up the right side and along the bottom.  I can manually draw in those two pixels easily enough.  But the corners look terrible when I try to manually do it.



      Is there an easier way?  I have been cropping the new image to the proper size, and then drawing in the two pixel fade on the side and bottom.  Then trying to pixel by pixel create the rounded edges.


      Its not looking natural. 


      Before you say "Its a drop shadow!" please remember, in order for me to copy that exact drop shadow, I would need to know all their settings, colors, pixel widths, etc.  All I have is a flat, finished image, so I have none of that information.  Plus, I dont know how to do a drop shadow on a curved corner, which deletes the original squared corner on the image.  :-\


      If you give instructions, please be as clear and detailed as possible. This is why I prefer a chat medium for this type of thing. 


      Thanks much to anyone who can assist.