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    Adobe Production Suite Users: Anybody using Cache-A for archive/back-up? Feedback Please.

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I realize this is an adobe forum, and I am inquiring about a separate product (running out of options!).  However I have been told that there are other users out there utilizing the CacheA successfully with same media types listed below.  I have yet to have any response from these supposed succesful users via forums like CreativeCow, which makes me wonder if they are out there. 


      I am a PC based CS5 user with a Cache-A Pro-Cache LTO Tape archiving system. I am working with three different raw media types to be archived, as follows:


      P2 MXF

      JVC MXF (same as XDCAM)

      Ikegami MXF


      These native, media types straight from the camera storage cards work great in Premiere!  We don't have the machine, man power or time to convert all of our media from the field into something else, especially when it works so well in our NLE.


      I understand there are other Cache-A users out there archiving these same media types.  I am experiencing archive transfer errors with all three media types listed above.  I have been attempting to establish a pattern to explain these transfer errors, including file size, path length, file name (eliminating special characters/spaces, etc.).  I believe I have eliminated all options in terms of workflow, file structure/size and naming. (I would be oh so happy to be proven wrong and get these archives transferring successfully...)  I have been performing basic, staged transfer steps as described in the "Getting Started" portion of the CacheA manual with little to no success.  A specific media directory may archive one day with no errors and a duplicate test of the same folder on a different day produces errors, etc. 


      If you are a CacheA USER/client archiving any of the 3 listed media types, I would be happy to provide more details, screen shots, transfer logs etc.  With no visible pattern to these errors and utilizing the proper archive workflow, I can only begin to think there is an issue with my unit specifically. 


      I will be updated the software from the stable v.2.0.22 to 2.1.13 shortly and will re-test the media directories that I have been utilizing for tests so far.  Fingers crossed the software update does the trick!


      ANY feedback will be greatly appreciated, and please don't hestiate to ask for more information on our workflow, how/when/why our raw media is organized etc., ask anything that might provide some clues on why YOUR system works, but ours does not.


      Thank you for your time and feedback,