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    Apply policy with a policy created by another user




      I have a user "firstuser" that created a policy and this policy is associated to a group "sellers" with "copy", "print" and "modify" permissions.

      The user "seconduser" are associated to group "sellers".


      When I'm tring apply the policy by "seconduser" to a new document, the webservice throws a exception "Failed to retrieve policy [sellers] for MyPolicies -- Permission denied(error code bin: 1296, hex: 0x510);".


      Can I really do this?





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          If you are using the "My Policies" feature, and If the user created the policy in "My Policies" then only that user (policy creator) can apply the policy to a document.  These are considered "personal" policies.


          You need to create a Policy Set, and then policies with in the policy set.  Any user that is set as a "Document Publisher" within the policy set will have access to the policies stored in the set and can apply any of the policies to a document.




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