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    mms.cfg and Flash Player


      Would anyone know why Flash Player does not grey out the 'Change Update Settings' and 'Check Now' buttons in the Flash Player Settings Manager when 'AutoUpdateDisable=1'?  The three radio buttons are greyed out and the 'Never check for updates is selected.' 


      We are using Win7 SP1 x64 with IE8 x32 (x64 is there also).

      I am trying to upgrade from to

      I am using the msi installer. (I do an admin install first.  I have a transform that puts the mms.cfg file in place.)


      With 11.1 installed, the buttons are greyed.  When I update to, they are not.

      All I have in the mms.cfg file is 'AutoUpdateDisable=1'

      When I take it out the three radio buttions are still greyed out, but the setting is 'Notify me when updates are available. So it looks like it is reading it.


      And, the below the correct settings for turning off all updates and the background updates?