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    Some text doesn't wrap when viewed in IE8 and gets cut off when printed


      I have RoboHelp HTML Version 9 and am generating WebHelp.


      Mostly the text wrapping works fine, but I have some text that is very long command line text that a network adminstrator would need to copy and paste into a console or text editor. It would span accross three lines, for example. The text is very dense, but does have some spaces--which I would have thought RH would use for wrapping purposes.


      When I use IE8 to view the WebHelp that I generated, this command line text is not wrapping in the browser window--it goes off the right side of the window. When I print the page, part of the text is getting chopped off.  I've viewed the same page in Firefox and it wraps perfectly.


      Here are some things that I have tried and in every case the output still doesn't wrap when viewed in IE8.


      • Changing styles. I had created a 'command line' style with a monospace font, so I thought that was the source of the problem. I redefined the style to be Arial - didn't fix the problem. I applied a style that is used elsewhere in the topic (body text) and that didn't fix it either.


      • I tried copying the text to notepad and pasting it back in. The result was that hard returns (paragraph marks) were added in. This would render the command text unusable, so I had to manually delete these and replace them with a 'space'.
      • I tried the copy paste thing with Notepad++ and made sure that text wrapping was off. This pasted it in correctly without the paragraph marks. But again, the generated WebHelp did not wrap in IE8.



      Any suggestions?