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    quality issues when importing still images as frames for animation




      i've imported roughly 600 hand-drawn and scanned (600 dpi) images as frames for video. the images themselves are really crisp and perfectly how i want them to appear. i've imported each to play for 2 frames then move to the next. once done, i save this video file as an .avi. i then repeat the process in order to layer the video (using Calculations filter) over and over again, to fill up the screen with overlapped, layered animations. in theory, these layers should all remain crisp, just like the scanned images. i was under the impression that the standard Export... > Movie... .avi file is essentially lossless and is best for editing, however when my process is completed, the final product is muddy, grainy, and pixelated. i'm not sure where i am going wrong, as i've actually done this process before with success.


      is there a way to specific the working file as "high definition" or something similar so that the quality is just as crisp as the scanned images i am using as source


      any help is appreciated - i am completely self taught in video editing and it is really bugging me that the file output is not how i envisioned.