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    PPCS5.5 -- 1 Mbps network traffic while rendering; Why? Slow?

    rodlaird Level 1



      I am rendering Nikon D4 source to H.264 @ 1080p and an 8GB output file takes about an hour. This seems very slow. {See system specs below}


      CPU utilisation is 33% (with some other background stuff running) GPU enabled and there is about 700MB allocated to PP5.5 - but no GPU compute cycles being used. Memory utilisation low.


      Disk I/O trivial - about a 2MB/s write to the output files.


      So nothing seems to be working hard - so where is the bottleneck? Why is this so slow.


      Intriguingly Resource Monitor shows there is a lot of TCP/IP loopback traffic - about 1Mbps... Associated tasks are


           Adobe Premiere pro.exe

           Adopbe QT32Server.exe


      Surely this has to be a bottleneck - and if so - why? What the @#%^ are these processes doing shoving stuff through TCP/IP?


      How do I fix this so the system actually moves quicker...??? This is truly ridiculous.


      I have run PPMB5 with an output "51","75","41","4" (again with other stuff running at the same time) - which suggests PPCS5.5 is correctly set up and ought to run faster...


      Advice much appreciated. I am not sure what is going on...



      i7 3930k @ 4.2GHz, 32GB DDR3 @ 2100MHz, All caches on a SATA III 240GB SSD, Input files on an Adaptec RAID (200MB/S R/W)