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    after effects is unable to delete original file.


      I have been working with aftereffects now since version 2.5 (do the math)


      and since the switch to OS X, and Adobe's Late upgrade to carbon, I have been experiencing a crippling issue.

      One I have posted here before, and submitted a bug report, but alas... for some reason, nobody has fixed it.


      here it is in a nut shell:

      when you are updating a render, with a little tweak, sometimes all you want to do is render over the original file.


      not so difficult:

      select the original render, hit Command+option+D to duplicate the render hit go, and we're off... but not always.


      OSX is substantially different than the OS that AE was originally designed to work with, and one of those differences has had an effect on the process.

      If that file is currently open by another application, AE thows an error... And fails safe. That is, the render fails, and the original file is intact.


      this is all well and good. But (and just add the cursing yourself to really get a sense of the context) That's not where AE stops.


      AE will refuse to overwrite ANY file that is selected in the OS. Presumably, this relates to QuickView, or some kind of data based thing the finder does that renders the file : not exactly closed.


      I consider this overzealous behavior a bug, and a pretty big one t keep around for... at least 5 versions of the app.

      is anyone else seeing this?

      why does No other app at all have this issue?

      when is it going to be fixed?