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    Overdrive activation error 256


      I keep getting activation error 256 whenever I attempt to log on to Overdrive on my ipad2.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail.  Is this just a server issue on your end or is there something that I am doing wrong?  Any help that you can give me would be very appriciated.  Thanks a bunch.



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          I'm getting the same error message. I originally had the error message "ASC4 License Initialization Error:-1001 an unexpected system error occurred while trying to contact the Adobe server" so I deauthorized my iPad then tried to Reauthorize it to which I am now getting the 256 error message. I'm wondering if I should delete Overdrive and reinstall it to my iPad to see if that will help...

          Have you had any luck getting yours working?


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            I've had exactly the same issues this is now day 3, I did remove overdrive and re install but no luck.

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              safaricat2 Level 1

              Did you post in the App store in the Overdrive Review you were having issues since the update in case this is an issue from their end? I did, figured it wouldn't hurt...

              Did you have the same first error message I had, the Error 1001?

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                angieclark Level 1

                I actually had problems before I reinslled the app I just thought getting rid of it then re installing it might fix it.  I did have the error 1001 first as well, are you able to access adobe .com?

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                  I tried to help you in another post, but ......


                  This forum deals with Adobe Digital Editions, not Overdrive.  So, there

                  aren't any technical gurus here who are likely to help you with the problem

                  you've stated.  Also, iPads do not interface with Digital Editions.



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                    angieclark Level 1

                    It works!!!  I was playing with the settings of overdrive and turned the automatic download off and now it works. Not sure if this is a coincidence or not but now I can 'magically' access adobe.com!  Strange indeed, thanks to all who had suggestions.


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                      angieclark Level 1

                      Oh crap, I spoke too soon.  I downloaded 2 books but now it's back to the 1001 error

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                        safaricat2 Level 1

                        I'm pretty sure this is in part an Adobe problem as I'm trying to Activate my Adobe Authorization with my Adobe ID on my iPad. This has worked before, for the last year. Yes it is in the Overdrive program but it still has to access Adobe's servers to verify I have an Adobe ID so I can read Adobe ebooks. This is just very frustrating as it doesn't seem there is support for authorizing an Adobe account. I tried chat and was told to create and submit a web case so hopefully I will get some help soon. My next option might be to create a new Adobe ID and password and try to see if that works...

                        Also the error that comes up is Adobe Activation Error:256 An unexpected system error occured while trying to contact the dobe Servers


                        Thanks for all the help I appreciate it!

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                          safaricat2 Level 1

                          Angie ( I feel like I know you now since we've chatted all day!)

                          I got my Authorization to work I don't know if Adobe did something or what, but this is what I did... In settings I turned off Auto play, Cellular download, automatic downloads and auto check messages. I then tapped clear deleted titles even though there weren't any, then I tapped check for messages.clicked ok when it said there were none. Then clicked Authorize, tried two times with everything off then when it didn't work I turned on all the settings I had turned off ,did the Authorization again and it worked! I was able to download the books from the library directly from my iPad. I am able to open and read a book!

                          I hope this works for you!


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                            angieclark Level 1

                            Thanks Cheryl, it seems to work if I turn the auto download off then it doesn't ask for adobe user and password, weird but whatever.