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    Export problem


      I am currenlty trying to export a 6 minute video via Media Encoder (Premiere Pro CS3).

      Now my problem is, that the encoding process is painfully slow.


      The source file is 640x380, the project setting is 640x368, and I want to export with 640x368 ( Adobe Flash Video, VP6)

      When exporting witht he preset NTSC Source to 256kbps it goes normal, but when selecting width of 640 and height 368 it is very slow.


      I just can't figure it out

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          Rallymax-forum Level 3

          Resize is done on the CPU on CS3. It is not fast.

          Your best bet to make it fast is to have the Sequence at the same size as the final output and in Premiere drop the footage onto the timeline accepting that you'll loose the top and bottom 6 pixels (12 total).

          If you change the pixel aspect ratio to not lose those 12pixels you'll

             a: have to run the same resize code so you'll get that speed penalty

             b: get nasty aliasing because you're now interpolating pixels.