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    Sony NX5U footage strange (AVCHD)

    dwarrenk Level 1

      First my computer specs:

      Processor - Intel i7 950 @ 3.07 GHz

      Motherboard - ASUS P6TD deluxe

      Memory - 24 GB RAM

      Motherboard cards:

         PCIe x4 - Black Magic interface

        PCIe 2.0 x16 - NVIDIA GTX570 #1 (card 1 driving 2 monitors)

         PCI 1.0 - open (covered by NVIDIA Card)

         PCI 1.0 - SATA 3 card (for 4 additional SATA ports)

         PCIe2.0  x16 - NVIDIA GTX570 #2 (card 2 driving 2 monitors, 4 monitors total)

         PCIe2.0 x16 - open (covered by NVIDIA Card)

      OS - WIN 7 Pro 64 bit (all the latest updates...Adobe & MS)

      Additional - Black Magic Design MultiBridge Pro 2, Sony HVR-M25U VCR, HD monitor on Multibridge Pro HDMI output, 1000 Watt power supply,

                       2 internal BluRay burners, 1 internal DVD burner, 1 external BluRay burner

      Video drives - SATA 3 & outboard USB 2.0 (9 1/2 TB total space)


      OK Here the story…

      I have a new Sony NX5U camcorder, I first shot in in HD 1080/60i, then I used Sony Content Manager to bring footage in, opened Premier 5.5, the footage looked jaggy.

      On the next shoot, I changed to SD 480/60i, as the final edit was to be shown from a DVD, used Sony Content Manager to bring footage in, opened Premier 5.5, the footage looked jaggy.

      I dragged the clip to the new item (New BIN)...  to set the presets the same as the footage.... the footage still looks jaggy

      I even played back the footage on the camera, captured through the HDMI port on my Black Magic MultiBridge Pro, with the same results...

      I exported (re-encoded) the footage as a H-264, also as a MS AVI...brought the footage back into Premier.... looked the same..

      I set the sequence presets the same as I shoot… but to no avail…. My Sony PD150 footage looks better.

      The footage jerks... not smooth... forget trying to pan...

      Notice the telephone wires...not smooth... I call the effect "The Jaggies" (I believe the same as aliasing)... What am I doing wrong? See picture below (the video looks much worse than the picture shows)

      the telephone lines look like stair steps... (but on the Sony flip out monitor... it looks great... also much smaller monitor, though)

      Nexair test 3 .jpg

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          Daxman1965 Level 1

          Try This:


          copy footage from SD card to your HDD then use a Blackmagic preset AVCHD for a new sequence (don't use Standard def footage from these cameras). If you have a BM card you should have a TV connected if so what does that picture look like. When you putput via Encore burn a DVD  not a Blu-Ray and that will downscale for you.