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    Flash Technique

    manojb05 Level 1

      Dear all,

      i like this web is verymuch, what technique is used for




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          Mark Jawdoszak Level 1

          Looks like lots of custom rollOver events and handlers with some tweens.  Pretty standard stuff, although it does look and move rather nicely :-)

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            manojb05 Level 1

            U have any idea something like this?

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              Mark Jawdoszak Level 1

              It depends on exactly what you want to achieve.

              If you want something like their site, then a series of MovieClips in pre-arranged locations.

              Create MOUSE_OVER events on each MovieClip.

              In the event handler, create your Tweens (I would recommend buying and using TweenLite from Greensock).

              Listen for MOUSE_OUT and tween COMPLETE events - so that when the event finishes you can display the text and also if the user rolls off the movie clip you can do a reverse tween to return the movie clip back to the beginning.


              Break it down and start with just *1* movie clip.

              Add the roll over event to, initially, just change it's colour (and size - width or height)

              Then start adding more event listeners and handlers and increase the application complexity.