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    Low quality Program Monitor viewing and 5px black bar on bottom of video.


      I have 2 systems I edit on



      PC (i7 + 12gb ram + 2 x SSD and GTX460)



      Mac ( 2 x Quad core (8 core?), 12gb ram , velociraptor, GT120)


      On my home pc when I take 1920x1080 clip from a 7D/5D and drop it in a 400 x 600 program/sequence frame (web output) its sharp and perfect without a black bar on the bottom.

      On my Mac at work when I do the exact same thing I get a blurry preview and playback with a 5px black bar on the bottom of the frame on the program monitor but a sharp image on the source monitor/file.




      Source file and sequence settings are both square pixels on PC and Mac. I preview at full resolution on playback and pause on both machines.


      My questions are:


      Where can that black bar come from if its not aspect ratio the source file is larger than the sequence? It is not a letterbox. Just 5px of black on the bottom no matter where I drag the image.

      Could the video card on the Mac be causing low quality previews? As during export the sharpness comes back. It is very difficult to edit when its not WYSIWYG


      Thanks in advance!

      (also posted on Cinema5D but its driving me nuts thats why I am posting here also)