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    Correct syntax of tags / rolls error




      I have created a PDF and performed the PAC PDF Accessibility checker and got an "X" on the "Correct syntax of tags / rolls".  The error seems to be occuring where I have a table on the page.  I am not a coder so I am having difficulty in understanding the error.  I have attached a screenshot.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          CtDave Level 6

          I'm a little bit ambivalent about PAC's tool.

          I've some reservations about how ISO 32000-1 has been interpreted when setting the tool's "rules".

          (What is considered correct syntax and what is considered proper role mapping are two examples.)

          Consequently, I do not use it as a "sole-source" for checking tagged PDF.

          With that said, the only way to fully validate proper element/tag syntax / semantics is by a "warm-body".



          From the screen capture it appears the problem is related to the Table structure. (?)


          A minor niggle- but "rolls" do not exist in ISO 32000-1's discussion.

          "Role Mapping" does.

          Example: The authoring application styles/paragraph tags are seen as the name of tags in the structure tree.

          So, Word's "Normal" style may be seen.

          However, ISO 32000-1 describes that such must be properly "Role Mapped" to one of the PDF elements (tags) defined in the Standard.

          The PDF producer would role map "Normal" to "Paragraph", <P>.


          Be well...