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    CQ5.4 Content Sync feature pack missing event list component ?




      I'm trying to get the Content Sync facility in CQ 5.4 working after installing the cq-5.4.0-featurepack-34279 package from package share. When I invoke the URL to get the content sync package it works fine, but the events.touch.plist file actually contains a 404 HTML page.


      Digging a bit deeper I haven't got the event list component installed under the /apps/geometrix/components tree, which would account for this. When I preview the pages in the demo site the events component isn't surfaced at all. Looking at the package contents for the featurepack the event list isn't in it.


      The sample iOS app looks for a file under /content/geometrixx_mobile/en/events.touch.html in the package, which is missing too.


      Am I missing a step, or has the feature pack not been ceated properly ?