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    display text from textarea

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      I have the textarea field where user enters any format in.  Sometime they copy text from MS and pasted into it with paragraph or tab to center, ect.  I now ouput this field but the user's inout is not accurately rendered.  All carriage returns page, tabs are lost. I've tried #paragraphFormat(desc)# but it only displayed in paragraph format .  i used pre tag with all wrap attributes but it didn't wrap the text.  Can anyone helps?


      for example: if i entered this format into the text area box:

                               Hello world

      this is tetsing one


      this is testing two


      I want it to be displayed as it on the page.



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          Pasting from Word will mean a lot of Word "junk" will go along with the text which impacts its display when viewed on a web page. You're probably better off using a text editor that includes a text formatting toolbar so the user can style the text directly on the form using valid HTML that will give predictable results.