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    Using Italics in <cfpdfform>


      I'm populating a pdf using <cfpdfform> and action="populate". Then I'm using the <cfpdfformparam> tag to insert a variable, that is basically a long string concatenated with other variables, into a PDF form. My question is, how do I italicize one word within that variable that I'm inserting into the form? Here's an example:




      variables.InsertValues = "Text italicizeWord text text" & variables.anotherVariable & "text text text" />



      name="ExampleForm" value="#variables.InsertValues#" />


      I've tried using <i></i> or <em></em> but that doesn't work.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Did you ever get this solved?  I think that you can edit your pdf form, set the field to "allow rich text", and then use Rich Text Formatting as teh value for your CF variable.  If you're not sure what the RTF should look like, create a pdf form with an editable rich text field, enter some text, italicise a word, then use cfpdfform in reverse, to dump out the value of that field into a file you can read.