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    Upgrade Paths

    WBoswell Level 1

      I can't find anything about the change in upgrading paths from earlier versions to new ones.  Somewhere buried on the Adobe website was a statement saying we have to be on CS5 to upgrade to the next version.  Does this mean they've scrapped the three-versions back policy, or what I term "three strikes you're out!"  I've missed upgrades already because they sometimes come out too soon especially with the Point Five upgrades that to me are nothing more than updates demanding upgrade prices.


      Does this mean if I'm still using a CS4 product that when CS6 comes out, I have to buy the software at full price?  Does this also apply to Acrobat and Premiere Pro which I seem to recall did not fall under this restriction.  I'm already on CS5 or .5 for some software, but I still need to upgrade Dreamweaver and Photoshop.