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    Encore CS4: Exporting in 16:9

    HangdogCat Newcomer

      I recently switched to shooting in 16:9 rather than 4:3, and am using Encore CS4 to create a DVD from this footage. However, the DVD comes out in 4:3, with the people looking distorted. How can I tell Encore to use 16:9?


      Thank you.

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          Jeff Bellune Rockstar

          Select you footage in the Project panel and go to File | Interpret Footage and select Conform To SD Widescreen.



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            HangdogCat Newcomer

            Hi Jeff:


            Thank you for attempting to help me, however that did not solve the problem.


            I shoot with a SONY PD170, which can shoot in true widescreen (16:9) but not in HD...it's still SD. Working within Adobe Premiere CS4, the footage on my timeline (widescreen sequence) looks fine...things are in proprtion and nothing is distorted. However, when I export to Encore, the resulting DVD is distorted...the people are elongated. It seems reasonable to assume that Adobe Premiere would export a widescreen timeline as a widescreen video, so the problem should lie within Encore. But I have no idea what the solution might be.


            BTW, there was no option for "Conform to SD Widescreen." When I select an avi, and "Interpret Footage," the PAR button defaults to "Use Pixel Aspect Ratio from File: D1/DV NTSC Widescreen 16:9 (1.2121)."


            I will try some of the options available under the "Conform to" button (rather than the "Use Pixel Aspect Ratio from File" button), however as I said, "Conform to SD Widescreen" is not listed under that button as an available option.


            Thanks again.

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              Stan Jones Ninja

              How are you viewing the DVD?


              If on a TV, how is your DVD player setup (what type of TV is selected)?


              I have used a PDX10 widescreen, and have no problem with Encore reading the files correctly, whether exported from PR/AME and imported to EN or using dynamic link.

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                HangdogCat Newcomer

                Good questions.


                I'm viewing the DVD on a widescreen TV.


                I never considered the setup of the DVD player as a possible factor. I will have to dig out the manual and check this.



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                  Stan Jones Ninja

                  You won't need the manual. Just pick "menu," then look for a "video" or "tv" settings. You want to tell it the TV is 16:9, not 4:3. I don't know that this is the problem; you may have your TV set to an odd aspect also.

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                    HangdogCat Newcomer

                    That did the trick. Many thanks.

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                      Stan Jones Ninja



                      Which was it? The DVD player setting was to 4:3 and not 16:9? I ask because logically I still wasn't sure that is what would create that appearance.

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                        HangdogCat Newcomer

                        OK, I didn't want to get into this because it's going to make me sound

                        stupid...but since you asked:


                        I thought the TV I was using to view the DVD was a widescreen TV. It has a

                        physical appearance which would lead one to believe this. I know...how

                        could anyone not tell the difference? Well I couldn't, until I looked the

                        model up online and saw that the PAR was listed as 4:3. In my defense I

                        will say that I rarely use this particular TV (but I still feel pretty



                        Anyway, the DVD player was set for a PAR of 16:9, which would have worked

                        just fine if the TV had in fact been widescreen, but since the TV was 4:3,

                        it scrunched the people up to look unnaturally tall and thin. When I

                        changed the PAR to 4:3 letterbox, the distortion disappeared. When I saw

                        this I thought "Oh, it must not be a widescreen TV," because why else would

                        switching to any type of 4:3 solve the problem?


                        Your suggestion pointed me in the right direction. I did not realize that I

                        had to set the PAR on the DVD player itself. I was certain the problem had

                        to be something in Encore.


                        Thank you.

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                          Stan Jones Ninja

                          I have had a similar experience looking at a once-upon-a-time high end flat screen that can be a bit deceptive.


                          The maddening thing I have also experienced are "HD" TVs that are not native HD (any flavor of HD). And they have numerous settings (that go by various names on the remote) that allow "normal," "zoom" "cinema" etc. It can make setup interesting.


                          Thanks for sharing, and glad we helped.