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    Button Color Not Changing in State Edit


      I'm learning how to use flash CS5.5 and i'm unable to continue a lesson because my button editing seems to not work properly.


      -When i double click or right click and click edit on my button I go into the symbol edit screen, where i can see the basic button states "Up, Over, Down, & Hit" but when I try to change the appearence of the button in each state the color and any sort of editing done to it does not happen, it is red in the "up" keyframe and when i try to change it to gray in the "over" keyframe it stays red.


      -I found that double clicking the button in the edit screen goes into another edit screen labled "symbol 1" and in there i can change the color of the button, but any edits in that screen remain ineffectuall to the actuall button on the main screen.


      I don't know what is wrong with it, or if I am missing something, i've tried in both action script 2 and 3 and both have the same results.