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    InDesign question posted here due to technical issues with ID forum

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      I'm creating a mock-up letterhead in InDesign that I would like to print out on my home printer and have it look as real as possible.


      The letterhead has a vector object that bleeds off the page and I have done this in the InDesign document. However, when I export to a PDF and print it, it doesn't bleed it off the page. There is significant white space on both the top and side of the vector object. Further, when I printed out the PDF the footer was at least a half an inch higher than where it looks like it is on screen.


      I tried printing straight from InDesign to see if there was a difference and there was a slight one. There is less white space on the side and top but still enough to be visible. The footer also printed closer to where it is on-screen.


      Why is there such a difference between what you see on screen and what prints out?


      How can the bleeding issue be resolved so there is no white space between the edge of the page and the vector object?


      Below is a jpeg of the InDesign document.


      Thanks very much for your help.