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    Flash CS5 AS3 Video Control - Jump ahead 10 seconds in FLVPlayback video


      I want to press a button and jump 10 seconds ahead in a an .f4v that is imported into the FLVPlayback component.

      Using Flash CS5 and AS3.

      Here's what I have:

      next_btn_i.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fx_forward10);

      function fx_forward10(event:MouseEvent):void



           //I can't find any code online to tell me how to do this! I have spent the last 4 hours looking and trying different, sucky, worthless things.

           //For example: vid_i.seek(vid_i.findCuePoint("Marker 10", CuePointType.ACTIONSCRIPT)["time"]);

           //I want something like this:

           //    set vid_i.playheadTime = vid_i.playheadTime + 10000