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    Keeps not responding

    theforester000 Level 1

      Ok, so I had premiere pro installed. I started a project, and had it cut down to the good stuff. Then it started not responding. I closed premiere pro and opened the project again, as soon as the project loaded it would freeze again. This happened several times. So, I restarted the project. After a while the same thing began happening. So I uninstalled premiere pro, upgraded, and re-installed it. The same issue still exists, but slightly different. It appearrs that everytime I use the scroll bar in the time line to navigate it freezes. I suppose I can just try the hand tool to navigate. But that's not the point, these programs should have this happen. Should I restart the project again?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          More information needed for someone to help... click these links and provided the requested information



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            theforester000 Level 1

            Version of premiere pro: 5.5.2

            Just installed updates today

            Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP-1

            The source files are h.264 in .mp4 rendered through aftereffects w/ sound

            Problem (step by step). I click premiere pro, the polygon pops up (sometimes the loading box with the text flashing through extensions and plugins shows up separate on my second monitor, othertimes not). Premeire pro opens, asks me to choose a recent project, new one, or open one. I choose my recent project. It opens, it gives me the screen that says "loading media" in place of the video files, then the video loads, and the cursor has the spinning circle like it is loading something. Then, a dialog box appears "Premiere Pro CS5.5 has stopped working - Premiere Pro has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution and will notify you when it is available." This also occurs if i choose open project and select the project. It does not happen with other past projects.

            This program has worked before, and this project has worked before. This is actually the second time this has happened using the same files, which makes me wonder if the files are corrupt somehow. I started over once before and it worked the second time. Then I moved on to scene 4 and it started having the same error again. I am not sure what is causing the problem.

            I have made sure that all background programs are down except for the essentials and that Premiere pro is the only program running, including having all browsers or file browsers closed out. I do have carbonite backing everything up, has this been known to cause issues? It does back up the files I am using in this project.

            I do have the neat video plugin installed.


            Computer is custom built so I know everything in it, here it is:

            Biostar TA890GXE

            AMD Athon II x4 635 2.9ghz

            ATI Radeon HD 5770 GDDR5 1gb

            Samsung Spinpoint 1TB 7200Rpm

            8 GB Cosair Vengeance RAM DDR3

            4 GB PNY XLR RAM DDR3


            CPU has a big rig fan on it and never climbs above 30C even on full 1080p render, so I know that is not the issue. The computer runs beautifully. The only thing i can think of is that possibly one ram stick is bad. But really I'm thinking the files must be corrupt somehow or that carbonite is disrupting saving and causing the project to corrupt.

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              EditorPete Level 1


              For starters, I would never edit with H264 files. I would flip them to something else first. Especially if you have a lengthy program to edit.



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                theforester000 Level 1

                Ok, they are originally .avi, but shrunk them down to h.264 for size. But I suppose I can go back to the originals. But would that be causing the issue. If I have to restart, then so be it. But I'd rather not have this happen again and waste another few hours of work.

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                  theforester000 Level 1

                  The same issue of not responding just occured after hitting enter to render the video