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    Constant conforming error.


      Hi. I've used Premiere a bit but I'm fairly new to it.


      I'm trying to edit an .avi file, but the conforming keeps failing, so I seem to get sound in the previews at first, but then it disappears when the error message shows up.


      I've tried deleting the .cfa files but it didn't help, so I'm wondering it there's anything else I can try and if not is there some way round it like separating the sound into another file then syncing them up somehow?

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          Stanley Arthur Level 3

          Do you know what codec was used in creating the .avi file? Where did it come from? Are you sure you have the codec for that file properly installed and updated? You may not know this, but ".avi" is porbably just a wrapper hiding another codec inside. Have you tried dragging the .avi file icon from the project window into the new item icon to create a sequence that exactly matches the clip?

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            Also check and see where your .cfa files are being stored... if you have your cache set to your C drive, it may be that your C drive is full and can't take anymore and so it dies. I had that happen to me a while back when I forgot to change my cache off of the C drive...

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              LittleFranklin Level 1

              The file's off the internet, apparently the codec is Xvid DX50? I downloaded updates and matched the sequence settings but it didn't help. I've only got the one drive in my PC and I haven't been having any trouble with it.


              I tried the solution from this thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/830701 , it stopped the conforming errors but the sound from the file doesn't show up at all in Premiere's timeline, even though it does play in a media player? So I extracted the sound in Soundbooth and synced them up. It's an awkward solution but workable.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Xvid is not an editable format. Your best bet is to get the source material from the copyright owner. Alternatively convert the file to something editable (use Google to search for a converter) and live with the crappy quality.