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    Losing Focus in an ItemRendered custom component


      I have a custom component that is composed of multiple TextAreas and displayed on the screen with other identical components via itemRenderer where useVirtualLayout="true".


      After I have clicked on a TextArea to give it focus, I want to be able to Tab to the next TextArea. But instead of focussing there, the focus is set to the parent of the itemRenderer, requiring me to click in the TextArea in my component to give it focus.


      I have tried to use focusManager.setFocus(parm) - where parm is the TextArea id that I want to assume focus,  but if I follow that up with focusManager.getFocus(), I find the parent now has focus.


      I have also attempted providing each TextArea with a tabIndex (instead of using focusManager.setFocus). But this seems to be ignored.


      Any ideas?