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    Will you accept the challenge?

    Matheus Sousuke

      Here is a little thing that have been making me get a pain in my back since last week, you know, all day long settle down studying, searching for a solution...

      I finally made it as simple as possible, now all I need is a way to unload the component, yes, there is already an unload function written, but it is just not working in this particular case, I don't know why, that's why I'm asking help here. Your mission is to find out how to unload the iflash component.

      I'm not asking anyone to develop anything for me, I just need some guidance.

      The files pack: http://cdn.anonfiles.com/1333493724895.zip

      Ps: Please host the files, or use a localhost if you want to be able to see flash loading Google street view.