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    Can I permanently disable the navigation pane in HTML help?

    LPMichael Level 1

      My company has a web-based application on MicroStrategy platform.

      I have created a customized WebHelp to replace the MicroStrategy out of the box help and that works just fine.

      We are developing the MicroStrategy Office add-in for Excel for our clients.


      Once installed, a CHM file is copied to the client's local hard drive.

      We want to replace this with our own customized help.

      I have created a CHM file with ONE topic that redirects the clients to our customzied WebHelp with content for the add-in.


      The one topic has a redirect in the HTML header code as follows:


      <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=https://customhelp.htm#AddIn_Introduction.htm" />


      That is working fine in my testing.

      Here is my problem...


      The HTML Help Viewer opens and automatically hides the Navigation Pane and displays the WebHelp (navigation pane, menu bar and topic pane).

      But, the HTML Help Viewer still has the Hide/Show button to Hide/Show the navigation pane for the HTML help.


      Is there ANY way to disable this or hide it or let it stay there but disable the navigation pane?


      As always, any assistance would be appreciated.

      Thanks --


      Michael F Weart