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    Define Sections in a single Indesign Document

    Zinusmero Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am experiencing a problem with Sections (Chapters) in Indesign. I have been able to define sections in a book and it works fine automatically changing section numbers etc.


      However, due to a book crashing problem, I am trying to create a single file with sections.


      I have made one with faux sections using separate spreads for each chapter and using chapter specific paragraph styles but i would like to use defined chapters and auto numbering so it will be easier for others to use the template.


      In my test document i have a chapter page and then 3 normal pages followed by a chapter page and 3 normal pages etc. The Chapter page has an auto chapter number and the normal pages have an auto chapter number in the footer.

      In the image below: page 7 and 11 are the chapter pages, 8-10, 12-13 are normal pages. (Not all pages are shown)

      page spreads.png


      I right click the chapter page (P7) and select Numbering and Section Options. I have clicked Start Section and also specified a Chapter Number as shown below.

      numbering and section options.png


      I then specify start section and Chapter 2 from the numbering and section options for page 11.


      The problem is that when i specify the chapter for the next section, that number is being used for all sections. So in the example above, p7 becomes chapter 2 after changing the options for p11.


      Is there something i am missing or can it not be done in a non book document?