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    Audio - Copy from One Clip - Paste into Adjacent Clip?


      I am running PE4.0 under Win XP_Pro/SP3. I have a short clip. I have two clips next to one another. The audio in one is loud music. I unlinked the audio and video in that track and deleted the audio. I would like to replace it with the audio in the second which is a simple background of falling water, so synch does not rear its ugly head. Is there a simple set of steps I can follow to accomplish this task? I confess to being a neophyte, stubling my way through menus.



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          With SFX (Sound Effects), once Imported into the Project (and visible in the Project Panel), you can drag Instances of that Audio file to the Timeline, into any empty Audio Track, and use it as many times, as you need.


          If I understand your desire correctly, just Delete the "loud music" from the Timeline (you can Alt+click on that Audio Clip, and then Delete it, without affecting the Video), and then, just add your SFX file to an Audio Track in that area.


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