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    Cp3 Slides Return to Beginning

    Techdoode Level 1
      I'm new to Captivate, so this might be a silly question. I'm using demonstration mode to try to capture an online procedure using the Firefox browser. During the procedure, I use the right scroll bar to scroll down, highlight text, copy text, click on buttons to open dialog boxes, paste copied information into dialog boxes, and so forth.

      The problem is, when a slide completes, it seems to go back to the beginning. The effect is that when I preview the project, you can see me scrolling down the browser window, then it appears to jump back to the top of the browser (end of slide 1). Then it appears that I have jumped back to where I left off (beginning of slide).

      When the slide gets to the end, why doesn't it display the last image recorded in that slide instead of the first? That would allow a smooth transition to the first image of the next slide.

      I've also noticed that drop-down menus don't always record properly. I have to push Print Screen to take extra frames, otherwise the mouse looks like it's clicking on the background image. The drop-down is invisible.

      Thanks for your help!

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          Welcome to our community, Nick

          When recording items in the browser, keep in mind the process involved. You click and Captivate immediately takes a screen capture. Sometimes this happens so fast that the screen hasn't had time to fully paint. This is most often the case with page changes, where you click, the page has to be served up and finally displays.

          The only option for the issues you are citing is really paying close attention to the camera shutter sound (if you are using that feature) to hear when a screen capture is occurring. For the jumping to the beginning too. Try tapping the Print Screen key after any drags and whatnot to coax a screen capture to occur.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Techdoode Level 1
            Hi, Rick,

            Thanks for the welcome and the quick response!

            So it sounds like the solution is creating more slides. It sounds like nothing can be done about the motion returning to the beginning image at the end of the slide.

            I'll play around with it and see what happens...

            Of course, I could try full motion video. ;)

            Thanks again for your help!