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    Rollover Images in Director

      Hi All,

      This is my first post, as i am currently doing a small project in Director for the first time.

      However i am using images, and whilst i can insert smaller images, i would prefer a 'rollover' image, so the image can be shown larger.

      I guess i could do an 'on click' and link to another frame, but that may clutter the project.

      Does anyone know the way to do this?


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          Level 7
          Do you want the image that is being rolled over to actually become
          larger or do you want to make it so that when you roll over the
          thumbnail, a larger version appears in a different area?

          If the former, you can simply change the member...

          on mouseEnter me

          on mouseLeave me

          You would change the things in quotes to the actual member names of the
          large and small versions...

          If the latter, an easy way is to set up the frame with all the large
          images in the location where they should show up, but make their blend
          value set to 0 (which means they are invisible). And put this onto the
          thumbnail sprite:

          on mouseEnter me

          on mouseLeave me

          You would change the "LargeSprite" to the sprite name or number of the
          large version.
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            envy1985 Level 1
            Excellent that worked great thanks.

            However have one more problem..

            On the stage there are several images, all different sprites. When you rollover one image, the images beneath it (stage sprites) are showing above the larger image.

            I thought i could resolve it using send to back, and locZ but have been unable to fix it. Is there some lingo to ensure the 'rollover large image' shows on top of images beneath it?

            Thanks again for your help =)
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              Brian Stew Level 2
              Choose a Sprite channel which is on top of all the thumbnails, let's say Sprite #20. Then on any sprite below #20:

              on mouseEnter me
              sprite(20).visible = TRUE
              sprite(20).loc = sprite(me.spritenum).loc

              on mouseLeave me
              sprite(20).visible = FALSE