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    Different Adobe ID problem


      I purchased a new android device (Asus) and when trying to download a DRM book, an error message occurs: This device is unauthorized to donwload (misspelled) the ebook. The ebook owner's Adobe ID is differenet (misspelled) with the Adobe ID setting in this device. I tried to authorize it with Digital Editions as indicated however it does not appear as a device in the library. In checking the device library's Adobe DRM Setting, my Adobe ID is indicated and states verified and confirmed. What can I do?

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          There are a couple of things here that might need attention.


          First, make sure that the Android device is supported by ADE.  Click THIS

          LINK <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> to see a

          list of supported devices.


          Next, the message you tell us about is a DRM-related message.  If the

          publisher or distributor has set DRM protection to 'no copy allowed', then

          that's that.


          Third, you're mentioning different user ID's.  You can

          authorize/deauthorize/reauthorize your copy of ADE by using the CTLShiftD

          combination described in the Help section of ADE.  That allows you to

          change user ID's.  Be sure you study the section before you try it,