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    Adobe Activation Error: 256

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      What can I do to resolve this error message? I'm trying to activate, so I can read library books on my iPad through Overdrive.  I did the Overdrive update and since then it has issues with my Adobe digital. I originally was getting the "ASC4 License Initialization Error:-1001" message every time i tried to download a book so I Deauthorized Adobe on my iPad then tried to Reauthorize and now I'm getting the error 256 message.

      Any help would be great.u appreciated!


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          Libraries have what I'll call a direct download approach via Overdrive.

          That is to say the destination device is hooked up to the network, and the

          ebooks are downloaded to that device.


          You can consult with your library's technical support function to determine

          how to hook up your iPad to their system directly.  If they say they can't

          do that because of technical reasons - or because of software reasons -,

          then we'll have to use an intermediate computer (a Windows PC or a MAC),

          download the ebook to that device, and then use other software to transfer

          it to your iPad.  In the Windows world, the best way to do that is to use

          iTunes to do the transfer.  I am not a MAC guru, but I think that it's

          pretty easy to hook the iPad to the MAC.


          Hope this helps!