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    cpu usage


      Hello -


      I'm using fb4.5. When I start using the editor, fb cpu usage goes to 25% and stays there. When I stop using the editor, cpu usage goes to 0%.


      I have uninstalled and a clean re-install. No effect.


      I'm on Windows XP.


      Please advise.



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          gptmx Level 1

          HELLO... Hello... hello... Anyone out there? Is there no one on this forum from Adobe who can shed light on FB chewing up my cpu whenever I use the editor? It's really annoying when I start coding and my fan goes into hyperdrive and FB grabs 25% of my cpu. Is there some obscure setting I can turn off? I'd appreciate any assistance on this. Or maybe refer me to someone who can... Thanx.

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            RaniKumar Level 2

            Please try disabling design mode ( Window -> Enable Design mode) un check this option.

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              gptmx Level 1

              I tried your suggestion but no change. The cpu still goes to 25% usage when editing. I'll live with it. I have a bigger fan now...


              Thanx for the reply though.