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    Flash vs Director

      Our company has an upcoming job that is going to be a high definition 720p kiosk with joystick controller for interactivity and high def videos. I'm a flash animator myself so naturally I want to choose Flash as I'm going to be doing all of the interactivity, but I'm trying to decide which would really be better for the situation. I've researched and read many of the advantages/disadvantages to both programs, but I'm still confused as to which would be best. Most of the information I read was from the MX versions of both programs or before 2005. So i'm not sure as to how correct the information is. I'm aware of flash's current abilities but not director's. Can anyone help shed some light? (also posted in the flash forum for flash's side)
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          mikem75 Level 1
          I have created kiosks using 720p mpeg2 video and Director MX2004 with recent updates in Dir 11. 720p video plays fine using Mpeg Advance xtra.

          I've also created a kiosk using a joystick to pan a subsection of a video around the screen. In this case it was a helicopter simulator for a science center. Gives you the impression you are flying.

          Haven't done one with both joystick interactivity and hi def video yet, but can't imagine it would be a problem. There are lots of great xtras out there to play the video and interface with josticks.

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            Steveorevo Level 1
            You'll want to use Director if to just host the Flash objects that you create. Director can act as a more robust 'web page' or client container if you will. It has more hooks into the operating system via Xtras (BUddy API, Quicktime video manipulation, etc) You will also find that interaction, full screen, and even animation generation, fade, transitions are easier in Director then Flash and has a more robust support for multimedia. You can always do these in Flash and then host them in Director.

            Granted, if your ActionScript 3.0 is up to par, you can accomplish the same functionality in the flash IDE just as well. Director is geared more towards RAD (rapid application development) and tends to make these concepts faster. Flash is not, as the progress bars will tell you. However, the way Director does things is as more intuitive, as it is different then Flash. HD generation is not an issue.
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              Steveorevo Level 1
              As far as joystick control is concerned, I'm not sure that Flash would even be capable of this.