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    Editing Tags is Crash-Tastic!

    fxmurphy Level 1

      My Love Story with Adobe Story is in trouble. I am a tad frustrated by frequent crashes. Here is what happens:


      I wish to edit the tags added manually by another user with whom the project/script was shared.

      1. Ctrl+double clicking tagged elements opens the edit tag dialog box.
      2. Clicking the trash can icons next to the appropriate tags, deletes the tag.
      3. Clicking the 'Close' button closes the dialog box
      4. Story returns to the script.


      So far, so good..BUT 50% of the time Story will report an "Unrecoverable Error" when returning to the script.



      There DOES NOT seem to be a pattern to the crash. Here are a few additional details that may be of assistance:


      • Scripts were imported from Final Draft 8
      • There are less than 100 tags spanning 8 tagging categories
      • Although I am not positive, the crashes seem to happen on both the default tagging categories as well as the custom categories.
      • This issue applies to Build 854 and Build 870