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    how do i increase an integer


      I'm tring to increase the valueof an integer by clicking a botton. the idea is this,

      a = 1

      a = a + 5


      so now

      a = 6


      each time hit button the value goes up by 5

      my code is this


      var myNum = 1;


      myButton.addEventListener (MOUSEEvent.CLICK, myIncreaseHandler)

      function myIncreaseHandler (evt ){

           var myNum = myNum + 5;

           myText.text = myNum.toString();



      but the number never increases

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          Mark Jawdoszak

          You're creating a new variable every time the button is clicked - so that new variable is being updated (probably saying "5" right?), not the global variable.


          Within your event handler, you want to put:

          function myIncreaseHandler( Event:event )


          myNum += 5;

          myText.text = myNum.toString();



          By ommiting the "var" portion, you are using the "var myNum = 1;" that you declared outside of the function.  Also, the "+= 5" part saves you a lot of re-writing, as this is an incrementor, and simply adds the next value to the existing value.


          Hope that helps!

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            rantexfire Level 1

            Yeah that helped. I ended up having to use myText.text is the integer start point instead of myNum =0;