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    I get a "prohibited" icon when trying to draw flowchart lines.

    frogsy Level 1

      Evening all, was hoping someone here could explain my problem to me. Here's what I've done, step by step:


      1. Imported my videos to the project, and created timelines for each of them.


      2. Imported a PSD file, and converted three text layers on it to buttons.


      3. Opened up the Flowchart panel, and tried to drag from my first button to a timelin     e in the little orphanage sub-panel.


      When I try this, I get the little "prohibited" icon Windows gives you when you're not allowed to do something (circle with a slash through it, as on a No Smoking sign), but no explanation as to why. I'm following online tutorials, and notice no difference between what I've done, and what the instructor has successfully done.


      Can someone explain what would prohibit me from drawing flowchart lines this way?