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    UIComponent Styles Not working...

    Matlus Level 1
      I have the following style tag in the MXML file.
      Button {
      border-thickness: 10;

      I have a few buttons in my application and I would have thought (as per the atricle: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/quickstart/styling_components/

      that all buttons should take on this style. I then change the type selector to class selectors and set on of the button's styleName property to this class selector and still no change.

      What am I missing?
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          Matlus Level 1
          Ok, it looks like there is no style property called border-Thickness (or borderThickness) for a button.
          However, I've seen code that uses this and the button actually shows a thicker border. The Flex Style Explorer is one such application that lets you set this property and it (seems) to use the border-thickness style property.

          So what gives?