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    performance issues of tab movement in s:DataGrid of Flex 4.6

    Pepe.FxUG Level 1



      I'm talking about item editors movement by TAB key.

      In mx:DataGrid, it moves quickly. However, I feel it's slow in s:DataGrid.

      I investigated source of classes related with s:DataGrid a little.


      I found three reasons.


        1) s:GridItemEditor uses s:TextArea

         2) grid.focusManager.getNextFocusManagerComponent takes dozens of milliseconds in editor_keyFocusChangeHandler function of s:DataGridEditor

         3) it calls the validateNow method in do while loop at ensureCellIsVisible function of s:Grid


      We can avoid 1) by using custom light-weight editor. But we can't avoid 2) and 3).


      Why is 2) needed?


      When I comment out 3), the focus moves incorrectly at rendererIsEditor column.

      However, there should be other ways without calling validateNow.





      Shigeru Nakagaki